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Whopper Stoppers custom built fishing rods
testimonials of fishing rod friends


My company and I have fished Ed's rods from Alaska to Mexico in some of the most demanding conditions around. We have an outdoor video production company and started with one rod, but over the years, we have an entire collection of great looking and performing sticks. These are the same rods we use when doing our TV shows.

Lance Aquasanta - Vice President VTS Productions


"My clients and I have been using Ed's rods for years and we punish it, but his workmanship and quality keep us looking good and performing at our best."

Jonathan Roldan, Fishing Guide / Owner - Tailhunter International


We have a small fleet of five vessels that fish Salmon, Halibut and various bottom fish in Alaska. I met Ed Robison of Whopper Stoppers about ten years ago. We have used his high tech small rods day in and day out and they have performed great. We have also taken them on vacation to Mexico and landed many large tuna and other warm water fish. These rods are made to break the fish, not your back!!!"

Mike Keating, Captain / Owner of Big Blue Charters, Sitka, Alaska

"I'm always asked who made my rods. They stand out in the crowd."

A. Duncan, Santa Barbara CA

"Ed's an artist. His attention to detail is awesome. I started with one and then started building a whole set and even had Ed make my wife and son's first rods. They make great presents."

Robert Murachanian, Sand Hills, OR


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