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the original whopper stopper mini rod

This is not a cut-down of a rod blank!
halibut fishing rodsEach of these power-packed little dynamos is custom made from a rod blank exclusively produced by Calstar rods for Whopper Stopper fishing rods and finished with the only the highest quality components from AFCO, Fuji, Perfection and PacBay to your custom specifications.

Easy to hold and deceptively small, the Whopper Stopper Mini is a powerful addition to your fishing equipment. Put it in your hands and see what we mean. This rod has some serious backbone and whether you're chasing big tuna, billfish, whopper halibut or other hard charging gamefish, nothing tops the adrenaline of having one one a Whopper Stopper Mini Rod. These photos don't lie.

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Just how much do you want to "push the envelope?"
If you'd like to put an "X" factor into your sportfishing, you need to try out the Whopper Stopper Mini.

This is fishing to the 'X'treme!
Since 1998, hundreds have been sold to dis-believing anglers who thought this was a "kids rod!" However, from Alaska to Canada and Baja to Florida, anglers are turning into converts!


Compact and light, these rods travel easily and pull like crazy!
Let them laugh when you whip out this rod from your quiver but they'll be amazed at what you can do with it. Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we'll give you more details on how to get a customized original Whopper Stopper Mini Rod!

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