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Your gear says a lot about you and so does your fishing rod! It's what others see.
It's what sets you apart and makes a statement about you and your fishing.

Whopper Stopper Rods have over 30 years of custom fishing rod building experience. Each fishing rod is built to your specifications with only the highest components and attention to detail and a work-of-art until itself.

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What good is a super looking rod if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do? If you like your rods with stiffer backbone and a softer tip, for casting and lifting fish, Whopper Stopper can design it. Maybe you like softer fishing rods to jig plastics or a real "beefy rod" when you're strapped into a fighting chair or a quick taper rod with roller guides for trolling or doing "stand-up" style fishing, Whopper Stopper can do it! Do you like to "throw iron?" Well, Whopper Stopper can design and make the casting stick you've always wanted custom fit to your height and arm length!

travel fishing rodsAn angler is only as good as his or her gear and your gear should NOT work against you. Tall, short, man, woman or child, long or short arms... no problem. That's why each fishing rod is custom built to your specifications to help make you get the most out of your sportfishing experience.

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